Richard I. Thorman lives in downtown Toronto amid cultural, educational, library and recreational venues which he frequents for inspiration. Current writing is focused on  speculative fiction and poetry.

He has appeared on the CBC Fresh Air Program and currently can be seen on the Millennium Wave Series appearing on Rogers Cable network in Ontario.

He is a member of the Poets' Table at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto and a life member of the Canadian Authors Association *.

Poet Evelyn Catherine Yeats describes Richard I. Thorman's style as reflecting "Celtic voice, Saxon Lieder and Miles Davis."

On the Lester B. Pearson Garden, the honourable Herb Gray, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, wrote "Your poem captures the beauty and tranquility of the Garden and  I appreciate you sharing it with me."

Pat Armstrong, the Writers and Editors Network E-news Editor writes " SAND CASTLES: Richard I. Thorman's collection of poetry and short stories on CD. The author's  musings provide a calm, reflective pause in 21st  century chaos. Richard I. Thorman's gentle commentary on life and loss, human failings and triumphs, nature and the ever-changing seasons, is balanced by his dry humour and insight. . . .  Well-spoken, Richard."

The award-winning Morning Serenity has been deposited in the City of Scarborough's Bicentennial Time Capsule to be opened in January 2046.


PS : Accommodations at The Monteque Road House in the Yukon are not exactly five star but they are cheap and air conditioned.


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