Cynwyd Castle on Jackson's Point

                              Abbeyfield Publishers - March 1997  

                              ISBN: 0-9680045-6-3

                              131 pages - 5.75 x 8.75 inches

                              $15.95 Can. / $12.95.U.S.

                              Poetry and short stories



The poems range from word paintings of the Great Canadian Landscape to contemplations  of the illusive mysteries of outer space and human existence. Metaphors and allegories weave  magical mind images of the author's reaction to tragedies of street kids and politics. A rollicking wry sense of humour surfaces in some poems, but there are also moving memories of heart-wrenching experiences which will be familiar to many. The collection includes the 1996 Scarborough Arts Council Contest Grand Award winning Morning Serenity, now resting in the City of Scarborough's Bicentennial Time Capsule to be opened in January 2046.


                                  Echoes in the Wind

                                 Cynwyd Castle Books - September 2001

                                  ISBN: 0-9689017-0-0

                                  95 pages - 5.75 x 8.75 inches

                                  $14.95 Can. / $9.95 U.S.

                                  Poetry and short stories


Poems like Remnants of the Titanic, the hilarious Poopetry and the compelling Oriental Fan unfold in a variety of poetic styles the author enjoys using. On The Lester B. Pearson Garden, the honorable Herb Gray, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, wrote "Your poem captures the beauty and tranquility of the Garden and I appreciate you sharing it with me.  Ill Winds chronicles the struggle of a man and wife facing the ultimate challenge at night in zero visibility and hazardous ice conditions on Lake Simcoe.  Poet Evelyn Catherine Yeats describes Richard I. Thorman's style as reflecting "Celtic Voice, Saxon lieder and Miles Davis." 


Cynwyd Castle Books is pleased to announce the release

of the first CD in a series featuring poetry and short stories

written and narrated by Richard I. Thorman.




                 1. Morning Serenity                                                  10. Sand Castles

                  2. Autumnal Solitudes                                             11. Growing Pains

                  3. Northern Sunset                                                  12. Temporal Rock

                  4. Lester B. Pearson Garden                                    13. The Family Farm

                  5. Yonge Street After Dark                                       14. St. Valentine's Day

                  6. The Vanishing Rain Forest                                   15. Lying in the Shade

                  7. Inuit Voices                                                        16. All That's Meant To Be

                  8. Eternal Dances                                                   17. Bag Lady and Street Kid

                  9. The Performance, Circa 1940                               18. Maytide


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